activities, trainings and workshops

The MPSE provides trainings and workshops to leaders at regional or (inter)national activities, such as Scout-In or World Jamborees. For large numbers of participants the MPSE can also visit the group for a training. The MPSE does not do activities for youth members generallyexceptions are World Jamborees and other international activities. The reason is for not doing activities with youth is that the MPSE wants a structural spreading of knowledge (see also our mission and objectives). Training leaders will provide a structural imbedding of knowledge.

The MPSE give trainings and workshop in the following subjects:

  • Fire techniques: such as fire types, flint and steel, types of wood and trees, firebow or bowdrill, can stoves, Latvian fire, torchescarbide, ovens, white spirit stoves from cal tines, burners, etc.
  • Food, drinks and preparing: primitive cooking, edible plants, natural teas, smoking fish, baking breadchicken under the clock, Seton's pot with hot stones below ground, cooking with hot stones, etc.
  • Woodcraft: basic knife handling, carving techniques, carving a wooden spoon, ax handling, cutting instructions, instruction saws, sharpening knives and axes, etc.
  • Camp Craft / DIY: cordage of blackberry, nettle and spruce roots, a cup of a coconut, forging a knife or arrowhead, a wooden handle of a knife, etc.
  • Shelters: one-night shelter, 'French fries bag shelter', lean-to shelter, shelter from natural beech leaves, put up a tarp or basha, etc.

To request training or workshop see 'request training / workshop "